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I am currently offering the following furry art commission types:
Digital painting (ca. $45.00 / €40.00)

Note: I am not taking any MLP related commissions.


Getting a Commission

If you would like to get a commission from me, please read this info section, as well as the current terms of service for detailed information about the process. If at the time of reading I am open for commissions, you can send me a message on DeviantArt or FurAffinity outlining your request. I prefer to conduct further communications through email, so please send me your email address as well.

It may occur that I offer a specific number of commission slots in a journal, and ask to reply there if you are interested. In that case I will contact you with further information, if you get the slot.

Content Guidelines

These are the things that I will and will not draw:

• Character types: I will draw furry characters, both anthro and feral. I have little interest in drawing human characters. References of characters, their species (especially when custom), etc. is greatly appreciated and will probably benefit the end result.

• Mature content: I will not draw suggestive or explicit sexual content, otherwise nudity is likely not a problem. Mild violence or gore is acceptable too, but nothing too excessive. A decent rule of thumb for mature content is whatever is allowed on DeviantArt. My judgement will inevitably be subjective though, so when in doubt please ask.

• Copyrighted content: I will not draw existing characters that you do not own, without the permission from the copyright holders. This especially applies to characters from major franchises like video games, films, etc. I will try to be reasonable with this rule though. For example, when you are gifting someone else art of their characters, I will trust you have their permission to do so and gladly draw those characters.

• Misc: I will not draw My Little Pony characters, even if they are original characters that you own or have permission to use. I have already drawn enough small horses in the past, and would like to move on.

These are guidelines; I reserve the right to accept or decline any subject matter I wish. You are always free to ask whether I can or want to draw something.

Commission Process

The commission process consists of the following steps.

1. You send me a description of the art you would like me to create, and I assess whether it will be feasible and how much the commission will cost. Once we reach an agreement, we proceed to the next step.

2. I will send you a message with the complete commission proposal and a copy of the terms of service. In return, you send me a response that you agree or disagree with the proposal and terms and conditions. If you agree, we continue to the next step, otherwise we can revise till we both agree, or cancel the commission.

3. You fulfil the payment for the commission. NOTE: please do not fulfil the payment before agreeing with the TOS. If you do, I will not consider the payment received until you have agreed with the TOS.

4. Once the payment is received, I will have 30 days to complete the commission. During the creation process, you may at all times request an update on the status of the art, in the form of a low resolution work in progress sample. I will send you a progress snapshot, unless there are minimal or no changes to show since any previously shown sample. We can agree on specific feedback moments beforehand, e.g. at the end of the sketching phase. Input and suggestions can always be discussed during the creation process.

5. Once I finish the final product, I will send a low resolution copy for your inspection. This will allow you to check if you are happy with the result, and potentially request some revisions if you find something lacking. I will do at most two rounds of revisions, if they fall reasonably well within the scope of the agreed upon commission proposal, and do not require a major overhaul of the art.


At the moment I only accept payments through Paypal. Accepted currencies are US Dollars (USD) and Euros (EUR). For any commission, full payment info (price, currency, and email address of recipient) will be included in the commission proposal.

When you send the money through Paypal, please make sure that you select to send your payment for 'goods and services'

Generally you cannot cancel a commission and request a full refund, though exceptions can be made on a case by case basis. In that case the amount I will refund is based on how much work has been done. I will however issue full refunds in case I am not able to complete the commission due to personal circumstances. Either I cancel the commission and issue the refund, or if I fail to deliver the art before the deadline, you may request a full refund.

What You Get

You will receive the art in the following form:
• A digital copy of the art at full resolution in PNG, JPG or TIFF format. If you wish to receive the art in a different format, special agreements can be made.
• At least 25 megapixel in size, typically larger, e.g.: 6000×6000 (square), 7070×5000 (A size), 8000×4500 (16:9). I will resize the image to an additional four smaller sizes for you upon request.
• The art has by default no signature or watermark. A signature can be added upon request.
• You receive the art under a Creative Commons BY-NC 4.0 license. Note that I will post the art on my galleries under the more restrictive Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 license.

Terms of service

You can download an up to date version of a commission proposal form, together with the terms of service, here: Terms of Service

Commission Queue

You can view the current commission queue here: Commission Queue
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